About Us

Why Abbot Financial Management?

We view portfolio management as a long-term process that helps clients reach their financial goals.  The key to investment success may comprise a mixture of equities, bonds and cash.  Risk management is an important part of our investment discipline.

Initial meetings with clients are conducted to establish clearly defined investment objectives.  Regular dialogue, in both up and down markets, is essential to reinforce the existing plan or to modify goals as a client’s financial situation changes. Communication is a key element of positive long-term relationships, and is a cornerstone of AFM’s service to our clients.

Clients look to AFM for sound financial management, to preserve, protect, and grow assets. They receive an investment strategy based on their needs; a disciplined approach to investing; communication and confidentiality.

 We Are Committed To:

  • Client service and communication
  • Long-term investment 
  • Focus on quality & diversification