Equities Strategy

Our equity investment objective is to create a diversified portfolio of stocks.  We look for equities within sectors offering the best relative values with favorable long-term growth prospects.  Selected companies must be well managed, financially strong and have clearly defined business plans.  At AFM, we pay particular attention to dividend paying companies that are leaders in their industries and have a history of growing their earnings and raising their dividends.

Balanced Account Strategy

Our balanced account management philosophy seeks to provide our clients with:

  • Safety of principle
  • Income consistent with predetermined needs
  • Capital appreciation

Asset allocation among equities, fixed income and cash equivalents allows AFM to maximize the long-term return relative to the client’s objectives while reducing volatility.  The client’s long-term objectives determine the strategic asset allocation guidelines.  Each asset class is actively managed to maximize total return.  Each client’s portfolio is tailored to his or her individual needs.

Fixed Income Strategy

Our objective is to provide above average returns (current income + principal appreciation) consistent with the stated income needs and risk profile of the client.  We rely on a wide range of fixed income securities, both tax-free and taxable, primarily high grade in quality with intermediate maturities.  Where appropriate, we use preferred stock, convertible preferred stock and convertible bonds to enhance yield and provide growth opportunities.  Our investment decisions are based on fundamental research and relative value analysis.

We make disciplined decisions concerning:

  • Quality of Issue
  • Maturities
  • Sector Allocation
  • Mix of taxable and tax exempt securities